The 7 decline way nternet Co flicker spoiler booing

Shi Yuzhu has summed up the traditional private enterprise "thirteen kinds of death", for example, is hidden in the shadows of the competitors, the use of false accusation, lawsuit and other non legitimate methods of "death", or by the competent department of "dead", or by legal provisions in mongolia.

in fact, brutal business environment Chinese Shi Yuzhu ‘s private enterprises, for Internet companies, is not a new topic, many entrepreneurial team is often a key factor in the decline of the blame for this company.

In fact, the national

"to other more stringent industry regulation, the Internet basically hold an open attitude, as long as you don’t touch some of the bottom line, not to engage in pornography, now a web site cost is very low, the regulatory red line is only a pretext, and is not the main reason; in addition, the Internet has more than ten years of development and in a relatively mature industry giant, all people say is inevitable, the monopoly of the Tencent, but to be honest, this kind of monopoly in the oil and Sinopec monopoly, the gap is too far, go the Internet business model in the analysis, an industry of" excellence "reporters bluntly.

on the contrary, in recent years, there have been new mode of Internet toread foreign bare voice: in the face of the Tencent, Baidu and Taobao get in by every opening, a lot of pressure.


VC, general manager of Northern Light Venture Capital Deng Feng on the "excellence" pointed out that the Internet Co does exist an important success rule, that first mover has a large, low cost acquisition, viscous flow, increase the new application speed can be very fast, this is different from other traditional industries such as clean energy. Lithium battery and fuel cell, then half interlaced.

Tencent a shot, you lazy said his innovation was killed? "Internet veteran Xie Wen on the" excellence "reporters questioned," the real innovation, will it? From Yahoo! To Google, to Facebook, the innovation of the full depth is no stopping."

in fact, Tencent, Baidu, Taobao in the start-up mode, are not optimistic about the outside world, even there are ICQ, Google and eBay three in imitation of overseas prototype, through a few years of experience, the shortage of funds, the risk of being sold twists and turns, eventually were found China innovation gene was able to be success.

so, in the history of the Internet all go bad case, whether it is worthwhile to read

?The general manager of

DCCI Internet data center Hu Yanping told reporters bluntly: "excellence" is not only wrong Internet business, wrong Internet Co; no wrong Internet mode, only the error of the Internet operation.

has visited more than a number of senior members, the "excellence" is from the reporters tried to entrepreneurs, once entrepreneurs, angel investors, VC and third research institutions such as multi angle, find the cause of death was a smash hit in the Internet Co, analysis and combing some business models can not expand the bottleneck of exclusion as the former walker.