NetEase’s market value of the first break 30 billion U.S. dollars and other electricity supplier bus

September 12th, NetEase (NTES) shares rose 7.93% to close at $230.07 a share, a record high, while the market value of the first breakthrough $30 billion. Allow NetEase to enter the $30 billion club of science and technology stocks, in addition to the performance of the game as strong as the business, the recent doubling of the growth of NetEase, such as the election of the same electricity supplier business.


count value of NetEase "appreciation" road will find that the NetEase in the early 2016 market value just above $20 billion, now officially exceeded $30 billion, 9 months, the market value of a rise of $10 billion. The NetEase’s share price soaring speed, so that the famously understated Internet Co, has become one of the most investors holding the Internet stock company, also let it become the biggest variable China Internet giant layout drawing.

in recent years, the old business still has the vitality of NetEase, and emerging business, also has many breakthroughs. For example, electricity providers, Internet banking, smart hardware, etc.. Investors see the value of the investment NetEase. According to the earnings report, the first quarter of 2016 NetEase mail, electricity supplier business and other business income of $234 million, an increase of 257.8% in the second quarter of this revenue rose to $298 million, an increase of 310.6%. And this revenue, the proportion of total revenue in the second quarter of NetEase has reached 22%.

formally launched online less than six months of NetEase strict selection, for example, as of August data, the electricity supplier brand has harvested 23 million users, the average monthly water reached $50 million. It is reported that, only in the 618 electricity supplier Festival before and after the three day, NetEase strict daily water than usual daily growth of up to 20 times.


May 2016, NetEase ushered in 19 years old birthday. For China is no more than 22 years of the history of the Internet, the existence of NetEase enough to allow it to witness the decline of many peers, old, and even die. Why "veteran" NetEase can come to this? "The spread of NetEase produced, will be fine, the NetEase’s achievement can be said to be the artisan spirit victory, and can give investors confidence, data can be seen in the future.