Tencent and comments on the sale of food and beverage point comparison taxi software value


Ali and Tencent in the taxi software battle, has reached a white hot level: throwing money to subsidize passenger drivers. Although in the face of the government concerned, it is possible to suspend the killing of ten thousand from the loss of competition in the way of the eight thousand, but the two companies in this field of strong initiative, will not stop. Behind the taxi software is actually a means of payment, the two sides are willing to throw heavily invested in the short term, there is only one reason: the development of their own payment users.

red envelopes during the Spring Festival, so that the Tencent is very rapid access to a large number of bank card binding, this volume is the most exaggerated rumors on the billion cards, Tencent said he did not so much, only a few million. According to the Tencent in WeChat has always been cautious about style, tied to the card amount may exceed the equivalent of one million. While Ali, founded Alipay for 04 years, until 08 years to reach 100 million subscribers (only users), Tencent in a few days, the development of more than one million equivalent level user to bind bank card, which leads to Ali’s vigilance, but also makes the Tencent in the field of payment in confidence. Over the years, the third party to pay off the lake Tencent pay money, began a formal journey.

develop their own payment users, the most important aspect is: let the user pay once. Go through the process, than look at the ten ads are useful. In the so-called O2O field, the status of the throat is to pay, because almost all of the segments related to O2O, there is a "pay" this link. Further, once the payment succeeded, he touched the door of Alipay Internet banking, the use of the balance of treasure up China the largest fund company, is an example.

taxi this small consumer service, allowing users to go through the payment process, but the payment will not generate revenue in the short term, taxi software is also temporarily profitable model is not clear. A taste of money, just a short period of marketing tactics, can not be sustained. Both sides are looking for at least one can depict the profit model of O2O services, which can more quickly and more wide range of binding allows users to become their own bank card payment users, itself, can also have a certain income, so the competition is expected to sustainable competition.

Ali turned his sights on the navigation class map software, the first investment in High German, and then announced a wholly-owned entry, will be completely closed at the end of the high german. This kind of service is indeed closely related to the lives of ordinary people, and a lot of imagination: a map, almost all of the line services are. The control of such a service, you can lay a solid foundation for their O2O.

will be shot late (or not so good, and bid) may have strategic judgment on navigation map software or can pay too far, Tencent eventually turned to public comment, this can be said to be a breakdown in the field of O2O, but also is an enormous subdivision: catering.

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