From 17.2 yuan CN domain name registration, sail brand protection

recently, because M technology received $one hundred million financing, its website using is rising, many people are eager for a fight in the domain name to see whether the domain name suffix to the other to make a killing a fish escaped through the Seine. However, according to the linkage of the world whois system inquiry that, very meters of science and technology has long been used to protect the suffix domain name

pole meter technology because of its brand name protection and timely, because the brand can not spend money to acquire a huge outflow of domain name at the same time, effectively save the brand protection funds and make their own brand of phishing sites can’t survive.

According to the latest

domain name industry, recently there are many domain name registrars have sale of domain name, such as the linkage of the world CN domain name registration is only 17.2 yuan, the value! I think brand protection, should be quickly from the 17.2CN domain name registration starts.

registered CN domain name: market positioning accuracy, to open up the localization market in China

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CN domain name is an international top-level domain, but also is the China country domain name, see the business use is CN domain name, can be reminiscent of yellow skin, black eyes Chinese, highlighting its strong flavor "Chinese". Enterprise has a CN domain name can make it more straightforward to inform their customers for Chinese market, but also help the enterprise to realize the localization of China.

registered CN domain name: CNNIC management, information security more secure

CN domain name is the only one by Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) management of the international top-level domain, all notice on CN domain is notified by CNNIC Chinese service, users can more clearly know their rights and obligations, to avoid a lot because the language brings the international disputes and shadow information more security. It is understood that most of our key well-known companies are enabled CN domain name.

registered CN domain name: most likely to be fishing

According to the

Chinese anti phishing Alliance (APAC) recently released data show that the CN domain is the domain security credibility all mainstream a top-level domain name of one of the highest, in all of the phishing sites in CN websites in the proportion of small, 24079 phishing sites, the first half of 2014 a total treatment, only 641 CN websites a, accounting for 2.66%.

can be seen, CN domain name is not only the domain name is so simple, in terms of business is a corporate image, market positioning and information security lock. Eight domestic domain registrar linkage of the world ( suggested that enterprises should be registered as soon as possible the relevant domain, especially the CN domain name registration is only 17.2 yuan.