Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week (7.21-7.27)

grassroots website is more promising than the portal

web portal is more promising than the grass, I have struggled in the development of network Weakness lends wings to rumours., stop the bubble and pragmatic, numerous Web2.0 concepts of website, more and more cannot withstand the pressure of reality.

I know the king of my career

half a year ago. I still read the school. My classmates and friends every day in the net bar. Playing games. Arcade game. At that time I like a hooligan. Every day in the Internet bar all night. With the students playing the CS. cafes clan. It is for this CS hurt me a lot of time and effort learning achievement. Low. Every day without the day. Classes are not started. It has been thinking about how to sleep. But now I have. I found the goal. Is a part-time job – moderator

powerful Baidu fast included new

recent Baidu algorithm has changed, I remember a friend said a word, very classic, I still like that, remember the meaning, did not remember. It is said that the evaluation of a Baidu station had a big change, at first is the goodness, is now "the evil of human nature".

fast accurate — talk about small website profit graph king of the road

webmaster friends good afternoon, today we Xi’an have many foreign friends, Chongqing, a friend of Xiamen, the ancient city of Xi’an is a tourist city, I hope you play well here. I took about more than and 100 master general assembly, but never feel today, what a special feeling? In Xi’an today I found a particularly high proportion of female webmaster, to participate in the general assembly in other places basically according to the current owners of the female ratio is about 3%, I think we Xi’an the proportion of female webmaster accounted for 10%. So much of the proportion of women in the industry, which shows the beauty of the industry, which industry is the most profitable, it seems that we have to make money era.

on the spirit of lotus website development

Fu Yung sister network to another exciting, it is said that each day at the same time there are more than 5 thousand people in the new photos of her, an unremarkable, the woman was not surprising why so much, must have her differences, "do" or "show" or create eye effect is the most important. Attract attention on the interest generated can bring economic effects, we webmaster dig hollow thought to get what? As to the network is learning to learn.

rookie can easily do earn thousand yuan

wrote some dishes with me as a webmaster plot friends, some people say that 80 people are restless restless, a bunch of people, perhaps I am also a part of them, there is the idea of the day always riotous with colour that is surging in the chest, dream, have a network my sky.