Where the 2010 year alliance webmaster will be held today on the new Adsense business opportunities

webmaster Admin5 news: on December 23rd, by the Internet fast fashion brand VANCL (VANCL.COM) V+ (VJIA.COM) Co sponsored, iResearch (iresearch.cn) special support customer alliance 2010 annual meeting and Chinese webmaster e-commerce development and webmasters business new opportunities forum will be held at the National Convention center. The conference invited from well-known venture investment, e-commerce, Internet entrepreneurs, Webmaster Platform, alliance platform areas such as celebrities and experts, and hundreds of partners gathered in Beijing China alliance, and participants shared the successful experience from e-commerce, network marketing, alliance, entrepreneurship, site management and other areas. Admin5 webmaster network as a partner to participate in this conference.

2010, China’s e-commerce industry has been an unprecedented explosive growth. In the course of the development of e-commerce, Internet media undoubtedly plays an extremely important role. VANCL (Eslite), founded by former joyo.com founder Mr. Chen, after years of development, has maintained a healthy and rapid pace of development. 2010 annual sales is expected to reach 2 billion yuan. According to statistics, the third quarter of 2010 online shopping market transactions reached $1210 trillion, is expected in the next 5 years will usher in the outbreak of e-commerce. How to get a share of personal information in the tide of e-commerce has become a topic of concern. VANCL website alliance (union.vancl.com) in accordance with the CPS mode of accounting, compared with the traditional online advertising model, low risk, put in effect that income significantly, the basic proportion is 16%, to the owners brought great benefit, is a combination of personal websites and e-commerce, a new way of increasing profit channels.

it is understood that this year there will be three issues respectively for the electronic commerce present situation and development trend analysis, Internet marketing innovation and breakthrough, the era of e-commerce webmaster survival and innovation, from the field of the Internet elite will be a gathering of many people, around these issues are discussed, aimed at a new perspective of marketing innovation of e-commerce the. At present, the general assembly is in progress.

live address: http://s.vancl.gensee.com/webcast/site/entry/join-457882d4205745ddac7eab4500081a3d