WeChat combat gambling disposal of Feng Ting 25 thousand group of 35 thousand accounts

news agency, Beijing in August 22, Tencent (Wang Shiyu) said 22 has closed gambling illegal disposal group of more than 25000 illegal gambling, account for more than 35000 months, the flow of funds in the platform with gambling behavior of Tencent has a large decline.

Tencent thunder responsible for the actions of Zhu Jinsong in thunder action "network gambling rule" conference, Tencent in the hit network gambling, the implementation of the "three knives" measures: for users to report, after verification of the gambling behavior and information of social groups, the implementation of a permanent seal group; for gambling organizers, long-term freezing the constructive qualification; for gambling participants, limiting the number of daily build group payment transfer function envelopes.

this year, China’s public security departments cracked a number of cases of Internet gambling. Tencent thunder action has been coordinated with the local police to crack down on Internet gambling cases of 14 cases, the number of arrests of 129 people, involving more than 200 million yuan.

Zhu Jinsong said that the flow of funds within the Tencent platform features gambling behavior has been a massive decline in abnormal transactions have been effectively controlled.

it is understood that the current Internet gambling mainly has four modes: one is the use of the website or APP, by way of broadcast the offline casino onto the network; the two is based on competitive sports, the welfare lottery results of peripheral gambling, such as soccer gambling websites; the third is the lawless person malicious using a new form of gambling mobile payment platform and network envelopes derived; the fourth is the use of some casual game platform, the criminals get a large number of game currency through hacking, hacking, cheating and other illegal means, and to sell the game player two-way exchange, and the yuan, using the difference and the exchange rate of profit.

Zhong Zhong, deputy director of the Ministry of Public Security Network Security Bureau, said

, the Ministry of public security will continue to cooperate with Tencent and other Internet companies to conduct full attack on online gambling behavior.