Aaron AP aggregator ProgrammableWeb network merger

Beijing on June 30th news, according to foreign media reports, this company to take a more sudden move to the famous API network in the near future (Application Programming Interface) aggregation site ProgrammableWeb’s acquisition, the specific details of the transaction but still can make nothing of it, according to media news, after ProgrammableWeb in this transaction will continue as an independent the entity operation, while the website founder John · (John Musser); musse will also join this company.

ProgrammableWeb was founded in 2005, currently has 2042 API. After the completion of the transaction, ProgrammableWeb will be the new owner Aaron is responsible for maintenance.

for this transaction, Aaron said its acquisition of ProgrammableWeb to help establish a good system of service providers, enterprises and developers of composition, so as to promote the establishment of more applications, and through long-term development (LTE) initiatives to promote the "new broadband mobile world" to build more application. At the same time, she also said that it will provide more support and resources in order to promote the establishment of a good system by API and the developer organization, and to promote the service providers are also involved.

in addition, the acquisition will help the company to contact the general Aaron API application, which helps to build a better API application for its own open API service package. ProgrammableWeb API, API service, service supervision and testing and automated API update services will also be integrated to Aaron developer platform.