Luxury goods prospects the domain name cold-shouldered

in recent years, the luxury market in the cold. The suspected collapse of VIP enjoy the network (, but also to lead the fashion trend of, Shang goods network, treasures and other luxury sites into the doldrums. This kind of different domain, including letters, phonetic, combination, creativity, how will they be rushed out of the tight encirclement, "cold" to "hot Kang"

? heavy build domain value of 10 million!


was founded in December 2008,, is an early foray into the field of flash purchase electricity supplier website. The original official website domain name using, in November 30th last year, enabled the heavy domain According to the relevant data show that in December last year, ranked 306th in the domestic website, and now, enabled the value of the ten million domain names, website ranking rose to 123. According to the Alexa data query shows that the domain name average daily IP (March average) was 2 million 616 thousand, the average daily PV (average in March) of up to 26 million 160 thousand, the degree of its user experience showed a straight up.

VIP enjoy the network suspected of bankruptcy VIP domain name what is the use?


mentioned above and similar to the, the domain name and VIP VIP combination, to a certain extent, the meaning of high-end. Among them, VIP enjoy the network enabled is At present, the site can not open suspected bankruptcy. It is understood that the site had access to Saif investment, investment banks and other institutions and become partners. For earlier, Vip enjoy the founder of the network Ren Ke Fei claimed that we are only part of the service. Electricity supplier gangster Gong Wenxiang said that the future of luxury electricity supplier certainly promising, but it is recommended that individual entrepreneurs do not get involved in the luxury industry.

and the original LuxeHome net goods director Yang Jinghua, in micro-blog said that at present, Chinese luxury consumer network 95% belongs to conspicuous consumption psychology, and to meet the psychological needs of the consumer at the same time, improve the market price competitiveness, quality of service user experience, professional and differentiated goods after the luxury goods business will have a way out. Visible luxury electricity supplier still has a larger market and development space.

Pinyin domain name luxury website


in the world of luxury websites, Pinyin domain name has become a tool to attract users". One of the more famous Shang goods network, is China’s leading luxury and high-end fashion shopping platform. From the site’s search keywords, there are 18.53% through the search still product network access to the site, the domain name of the average daily IP (monthly average) of up to 51000, the average daily PV (monthly)