Secret YY bleeding listed behind there are more financial advantages



YY day prior to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted F-1 documents, and 10.5 to determine the issue price of $12.5, the public offering of 7 million 800 thousand shares of ADS, each of the 20 common shares corresponding to 1ADS, the amount of financing between $8190 and $97 million 500 thousand. Previously, the company had 4 rounds of financing, the latest round of the introduction of the Tiger Fund in January 2011 to invest $100 million.

according to the last round of private equity financing scale estimation, togetherness era valued at more than $1 billion. After IPO era gathered a total of 1 billion 64 million common shares (if the Underwriters exercise the over allotment option, a total of 1 billion 87 million shares), each corresponding to 20 ordinary shares of 1 shares of ADS. This calculation, the company’s market capitalization of about $600 million. There is no doubt that the times gathered in bleed listed. The rapid revenue growth, high growth, why should the user to "cheap" way

listed bloodshed?

performance under the rapid growth but still need to face strong competitors, may be the company had to choose the reasons for bleeding listed.

first, even bleed listed, will also bring more funds available for the celebrations of the times, the money is very important for the pursuit of competitors. SEC documents show, YY music business accounted for 31% of the total revenue of the celebrations of the times, the business in the first half of 2012 revenue has been close to 100 million yuan. Although official data show the rapid growth of this business, but in fact, YY music business is not a leader in the country.

in this area has 9158 and six rooms two companies, a data speculation, in 2012 9158 of the revenue will be between 500 million yuan to 800 million yuan, six rooms revenue will exceed 300 million yuan, so even if the projections, YY gathered era music revenue in 2012 revenue reached 200 million yuan, and this is still the leader the field has a great gap. But still can not see the celebrations of the times with 9158 and six rooms have a unique advantage in the competition.

for the celebrations of the times, the listing and financing will enable the company to have more capital, it can be divided into the proportion to the channel owners to improve YY music business, thereby stimulating more competitive partners to join the celebrations of the times.

second, although the era’s celebrations to play the game network is the most visited second game sites, but their income is only the size of the first half of 17173. Data show that 17173 in the first half of 2012 advertising revenue of about 100 million yuan, and the net income of only 50 million 370 thousand over the same period to play the game. This is still being incorporated into the swim after 17173, many online games companies began to reduce investment, the gap between the two.

online games in the field, has begun to have a high price of 17173 of the company to resist advertising. >