nteresting programming website Codecademy on-line 7 days for 200 thousand users

7 days to develop the 200 thousand users, you can do it?

Author: J.J. Colao

Sims said: "programming is one of the essential capabilities of twenty-first Century."

21 year old Zach · Semmes and 22 year old Ryan · Bbu Pinsky sat outside the headquarters located in the NoHo area.

in the last 12 months a day at 3 in the morning, interesting programming website Codecademy 21 year old chief executive Zach · Sims (Zach Sims) just reply to my email, and $8.95 registered the domain name "codeyear.com". Sims’s company provides interactive online courses, Professor of programming language JavaScript, he decided to use the new year’s arrival to provide the public with a new goal to keep pace with the times – in 2012 to learn programming. In 9 weeks, the group of people took the challenge and took part in a short course of one week in the middle of the year, the price of which was just an email address.

may only be able to get new Apple products faster than they get attention. The program, "Code Year", was launched on January 1st at 5 p.m. on the day of the year, attracting a crowd of about 7 people in the next third hours, and by the end of the day, the figure was up to 100 thousand people. Sims said: we are very hard to ensure that the registration process smoothly. It turns out that this is an activity that people are happy to share."

how they attract so many users? In a few weeks after the launch, Code Year users flocked to the Twitter, has issued 50 thousand news to promote this service – most of the time, every second to send a. In the risk investor Fred · (Fred Wilson); Werwilson promote such influential supporters, unexpectedly this promotion for New York city mayor Michael Bloomberg (· Michael Bloomberg) and "Washington Post" (reporter and blog Wonkblog editor) Ezra · Klein (Ezra Klein) support. The latter is more spontaneous in the Twitter to many of the concerns of the promotion of this service. Viral marketing has gained great achievements.

in February 2011 at the Columbia University to study political science major Sims and classmate Ryan · Bbu Pinsky (Ryan Bubinski) co founded Codecademy. Bbu Pinsky was only 22 years old and he was a major in biophysics and computer science. That summer, the two of them in Graham (Paul Graham) Y Combinator accepted the hatch, and received a $150 thousand funding.