Chongqing audio-visual website is not good

news (reporter Zhou Xu) Chongqing audio-visual website to carry out clean-up operations, state-owned assets, the size of the fund, the number of employees has become the three ruler. But the industry revealed that, in fact, the city’s video site is now almost all caught in a state of difficulty.

DB founder missing

trade rumors, Chongqing was known as the most successful model of the audio-visual network DB network, for allegedly engaging in sexual business on the album and video content, and the contents were punished, clean-up, the founder of Zheng Li is missing. Reporter login DB found that the vast majority of its album and video content has been prohibited access. Reporters repeatedly call the customer service telephone network has been no answer. An old employee of the network, told reporters that, due to the company’s big adjustment, he has left, but he did not disclose the specific details of the company’s adjustment.

previously, President of Xiong Xiaoge investment DB network IDG global vice president, Asia, recently revealed to the media, he has not heard of fenbei checked the news, will understand the network involved a db.

flying wave had to stop updating


in addition, another video site as the flying wave updates, also ended in January 31, 2008. There are Internet sources, early last year as the flying wave began actively looking for a buyer. The person in charge of its website last year, said in an interview with this reporter, is actively access to eligibility, and actively seek funding solutions. But not later. Yesterday, the reporter called the site’s phone, no one answered.

Author: Zhou Xu

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                                                      DB denied that the acquisition of independent listed questioned