Today Hongkong is listed on the main board of the opening price of HK $14.5


technology news October 10th morning news, B2B business platform today officially from Hongkong gem to the main board of the stock exchange listing, stock code changed to 02280, the opening price of HK $14.5, the market value of HK $9 billion 611 million. in 2003 on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed on the gem, the opening price of HK $1.23. Due to the performance of growing and motherboard stock plan came out, HC rapid growth in recent years, from about HK $3 to HK $14.4 (up to October 9th closing calculation), market capitalization of HK $9 billion 545 million.


official said that the reason to the listed on the main board is mainly to enhance the overall image of HC, and increase the liquidity of the stock, the company after the growth, financial flexibility, business development and other aspects of a lot of good, and the motherboard will also get more investors and institutions.

But the board

HC does not involve the issue of new shares, an email to all employees in a few days before the chairman Guo Fansheng, said he will be together with CEO from individual shares to all employees donated shares.


plan is: every working staff, management personnel will receive each 10000 shares of the original stock, the total value of caoguo 70 million Hong Kong dollars, the general staff each 1000 shares of the original stock, a total value of approximately HK $40 million, the lock time of 2 years, these shares over HK $100 million to the market value of hc. board had some episodes, the earliest in May 2013 submitted to the HKEx board application, due to the single largest shareholder changes, does not comply with the relevant policies of Hong Kong and withdrawn. In April 15, 2014, the re submit the transfer application and the ultimate success.

in business, the current focus on the field of B2B HC fabric industrialization, for buyers and sellers to seek matching information and services, at the same time to intervene transactions. At present, the main income of HC from the Internet directory, membership services, business directories, meetings and other services.

according to the 2014 interim financial report, the first half of 2014 sales revenue of about 465 million 300 thousand yuan, representing an increase of about 30.1% over the same period in 2013. (Lin Ming)