Blue River the user experience is the magic weapon to win the local community

the history of the development of each site is a tortuous, inspirational struggle history. 19 floor, Yantai forum, Jiyang community, Taihu pearl these prominent local stand behind, which is not a lot of detours, which did not experience a lot of ups and downs?

as the Chaoshan area influential local portal site – Blue River is no exception. It has experienced the rapid development of the first few years of the year, the 2010 swing shock period, after the adjustment and stabilization period in 2010. In the worst of times, the average daily amount of post Blue River fell 60%, lost a large number of users; even in the blue river forum program is also changing, driven to Discuz! NT, now and then to Discuz X2.5.

so, blue river in the face of some combat, they are how to overcome difficulties, step by step growth of Chaoshan area influential community portal? Focus on its growth process, is to pay attention to local station growth, from the blue river 10 years of experience, the webmaster can gain many valuable experience.

share one: daily posting volume decreased by 60%

Blue River ( was founded in 2002, the city life provide interactive services for about 5000000 people in Shantou City, to the people’s livelihood, marriage, family, real estate, automobile, talents, life information and other categories of information. The early blue river is a personal website, in 2007 the company began operations, blue river leader Xiao Shaozhong will make history website describe metaphor: "blue river’s development is not like the stock market Everything is going smoothly., Chinese, experienced a severe shock and jolt."

During the second half of 2009, the peak period of the development of

blue river appeared in the second half of, when the average daily posting volume was more than 30 thousand, the number of registered users soared from 330 thousand in 2008 to. However, the site in good times don’t last long, rapid growth in nature is also up, website development began shows a downward trend, to the end of 2010 reached the bottom, forum posting daily and the flow were down to the previous 40%, down 60%.

"site of the rapid decline in the data I was caught unprepared." Called the "tough guy" Xiao Shaozhong is also the first real meditation, the future direction of development on the site. "I think the main reason is that there is a deviation in the direction of our business strategy, we must immediately adjust." Xiao Shaozhong recalls. Operation blue river company, too much emphasis on the rapid growth of its own, and ignored the localized content on lost "everyone involved has everything off the river spirit, eventually led to the decline in both quantity and discharge of the post.

from the beginning of 2011, Xiao Shaozhong began to adjust the operating strategy, the moderator of a high degree of autonomy ", vigorously support the local public welfare activities, and actively participate in local events, focusing on" local users complex "and a series of initiatives.