Today’s headlines to become WeChat’s latest ban object

this morning, there are users reflect today’s headlines can not open the link in WeChat, WeChat suspected and today’s headlines each other.

specific performance in the today’s headlines on the share to WeChat, "you did not install the WeChat" reminder, and on WeChat to open from today’s headlines link, is to "the machine not today’s headlines client installation, cannot open the application page.


I and my colleagues in the results obtained after several tests are: today’s headlines on the normal share to WeChat, if the mobile phone installed APP headlines today can be opened normally, but if the mobile phone is not installed APP headlines today, then open this link in point will be redirected to the page today’s headlines, said the client is not installed, the application can not be opened. Prior to today’s headlines on WeChat will appear in two situations: one is to open directly, and the other is to jump to the download page, prompting users to download.


now jump page

from a technical point of view, there are two ways to share jump forms: one is without APP open directly after the jump to the web page, another jump to APP, open the page in APP, which requires users to download APP. There are very few APP in order to improve the amount of downloads and activity will use the latter, apparently today’s headlines are used in two ways, but the latter is the main.

this is not that WeChat did not shield today’s headlines? No, as mentioned above, the WeChat screen today’s headlines download page, the user opens the headlines today after the link, not download page, but directly informed cannot open the application.

after the news, because of today’s headlines automatic extraction of WeChat public number of articles, Sogou (Tencent after the strategic stake in Sogou, Sogou is mainly responsible for the implementation of the comprehensive search) blocked the extraction from external behavior. Tencent had earlier on the line similar to today’s headlines interest reading class APP today express.

Tencent had to reason out of copyright NetEase cloud music sharing to affect the user experience blocked Uber share for the reason that now the trick is in today’s headlines? Is WeChat really in order to ensure their strong entrance advantages and today’s headlines are completely break the


as of now, WeChat, today’s headlines are to respond to the matter.