Onwards to a Police state – PNC

first_imgDear Editor,Reference is made to a press release titled, “Government to submit Brief to Speaker addressing consequences of Dec 21 vote,” posted on the coalition Government’s Department of Information (DPI) website.In it, the public was told: “Until and unless fresh elections are held, the Government remains in full control of the governance apparatus of the state and will continue to carry out its mandate according to its constitutional requirement. Any suggestion to the contrary is intended to breed anarchy and disorder in Guyana and that too will be resisted.”These are the most chilling statements issued thus far by the coalition Government since it fell on December 21, 2018. Unless this is bluff and desperation, there are profound implications here.First, the coalition Government appears to be ready to assume de facto status and, if necessary, organise a state of emergency on false pretenses in order to declare martial law and dismiss the constitutional edict of fresh elections.Secondly, the coalition Government wants to muzzle free speech and the relentless public criticism of its refusal to resign from office, and call new elections as the Constitution requires.The coalition Government is publicly calling all critics and the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Bharrat Jagdeo, the latter having accused the coalition of a judicial coup, anarchists or enemies of the state bent on “anarchy and disorder.”State media and state organs including the DPI are being utilised to tell citizens and the Leader of the Opposition to be quiet, to shut up, to have no expressed opinion about matters that occurred in their National Assembly on December 21.The Leader of the Opposition was told that he must know his place which is to say his constitutionally created office must now take instructions from junior Ministers of the coalition Government. In other words, the coalition is using intimidation to swallow Opposition politics.Third, public notice is now given that anyone who speaks out will be “resisted” by the coalition Government which has at its disposal, the full arsenal of state apparatus. The coalition has already, or is about to swallow the State. The State will do the biddings of the coalition.It is time to be prepared to be arrested and booked with bogus charges for writing or speaking. It is time to anticipate the army mobilising against citizens in the street and establishing camps on their private property. It is time for “wanted” bulletins to be issued for persons for mere questioning. It is time for unlawful detention. This press release makes clear that there is no more equal protection.Finally, the fallen coalition Government rejects the idea that it is a caretaker Government. Instead, it tells the entire electorate that it will not only exist but “continues” to govern in full capacity (“carry out its mandate”) as if December 21 dropped off the face of the calendar. There no longer is any original mandate. Onwards to a Police state.Sincerely,Rakesh Rampertablast_img