Exclusive broke the news Ali acquisition last year, flying pig domain price 6 digits

renamed China (eName.cn) October 24th hearing, the Alibaba’s business to animal names, such as Tmall (tmall.com, tianmao.com, domain name protection), rookie (protection of domain name cainiao.com) etc.. It is reported that Alibaba will split Taobao travel, and launched an independent online travel brand or will be named flying pig". According to the flying pig domain feizhu.com @ people together to work the seller said, the Alibaba in the last year from the hands of the acquisition of "flying pig" full Pinyin domain name, domain name value 6 digit.


yesterday, there is news that Alibaba will be its Taobao travel business split into an independent company, and launched online travel brands. The Alibaba has always been to various animal name brands, has Tmall, ants, etc., at the launch of what rookie, ants before taking gold, Alibaba has breath registered 56 ants "ant" + English vocabulary related CN suffixes. Before the launch of the tourism brand, Alibaba has long been registered trademark flying pigs, and the acquisition of domain names.

According to the

whois information, feizhu.com domain name registration in August 2004, last year the Alibaba from the domain name investors need to acquire hard hands @ people ride out with six digit prices, while the acquisition of the "flying pig" and other series of domain name suffix. Feizhu.com/.cn/.com.cn/.net domain name is now connected to the end of the mailbox @hk.alibaba-inc.com. Domain name feizhu.com in November last year has been displayed in the name of the Alibaba, it seems that Ali has prepared for this brand.

is now Taobao travel enabled Taobao two domain name trip.taobao.com, the main services include air tickets, attractions tickets, hotel apartments, such as the purchase and reservation, and where to go (qunar.com) similar parity platform. It is understood that Alibaba for this business has long been an independent split planning, or the direction of the transformation of online travel.

Ali in the flying pig trademark registration category, including 43 categories of temporary accommodation, restaurants, accommodation and other services, as well as a number of travel related categories. In a variety of signs, Taobao travel turned flying pig great possibility, and fly pig related domain name trippig.com, flypig.com, etc. have been registered.