Fury vs. Schwarz results: Tyson Fury steamrolls Tom Schwarz in two rounds; aims for Deontay Wilder rematch in 2020

first_imgLAS VEGAS — The spring of the heavyweights concluded at the MGM Grand Garden Arena with lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury leaving the 9,012 fans in attendance thoroughly entertained with a dominant seconnd-round stoppage of overmatched Tom Schwarz that was broadcast on ESPN+.  Fury (28-0-1, 19 KOs) promised to entertain in his Las Vegas debut and did just that from beginning to end. “The Gypsy King” channeled Apollo Creed’s patriotic entrance from Rocky IV as he walked to the ring with a top hat and robe emblazoned with the American flag to James Brown’s “Living In America.” As the showgirls flanked him, Fury’s 6’9″ frame climed over the ropes to a thunderous ovation from the fans who traveled thousands of miles to see the unbeaten lineal champ.  –  Anthony Joshua is finished after Andy Ruiz Jr. humbling, Tyson Fury says.- Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury offered differing views of Anthony Joshua’s shocking TKO loss. – Who is boxing’s heavyweight champion? Rating Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury MORE:  Join DAZN and watch “About: The story behind the upset of the era” along with the full replay of the fight​He would take the fight itself a bit more serious, but didn’t lose his ability to entertain as he flashed the jab, dodged his German opponent’s advances and mugged for the crowd. Try as he might, Schwarz (24-1) was clearly in over his head, but attempted to make the best of it by chasing Fury around the ring. In the second round, Schwarz managed to sneak in a hard combination that got the attention of Fury. Unfortunately, all that did was expedite the process of ending Schwarz’s night as Fury slipped to the outside and thrust a wicked uppercut that badly damaged his foe. With the pro-Fury crowd urging him on, the 30-year-old fired a left jab and follwed it with a hard right hand that caught Schwarz clean and sent him to the canvas. Fury retreated to the corner with his hands high as Schwarz slowly got to his feet. But the end was inevitable as Fury throttled him with a bevy of hooks that caused referee Kenny Bayless to rescue the damanged Schwarz at the 2:54 mark of the second round. “The key tonight was to enjoy myself,” Fury said. “I was using the jab and slipping and sliding. I caught him with the left hand and followed with a right that put him down.” It was the first time Fury was in action since his epic encounter with Deontay Wilder that ended in a split draw last December. The framework is rumored to be in place for a rematch with Wilder in 2020, but Fury stated that he’ll take another fight in September or October before having a return fight in early 2020. The timeline makes sense considering that Wilder is also set to fight later this year in a rematch with Luis Ortiz. The opponent for Fury’s next fight is unknown, but the picture will surely become clear over the next few weeks. “What’s next is that I fight on either September 21 or October 5 and then we’ve got Deontay Wiilder,” Fury said. “He’s going to give me that green (WBC) belt!”​Fury wasn’t done entertaining as he broke into song with his version of Aerosmith’s classic “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.”Always the entertainer, there is truly never a dull moment when Tyson Fury is around. Here’s how it all went down. Fury vs. Schwarz live updates, resultsTyson Fury runs roughshod over Tom Schwarz in two roundsResult (12:09 am) : Fury didn’t want to waste time with Schwarz and put his gigantic paws on him to coerce the stoppage in the second round. An emphatic debut for “The Gypsy King.” Time of stoppage was 2:54 in the second round. Round 2 (12:06 a.m.):   Fury with an uppercut that rocks Schwarz. He’s having fun out there. Schwarz, not so much. Fury is tearing up Schwarz after Schwarz lands a combination. It’s clear that Fury is fighting loose. He’s already busted up Schwarz. Schwarz throws a combination and Fury dodges damn near all of it. Straight left hand and down goes Schwarz! Fury wastes no time pouncing on his wounded opponent and decimates him with brutal hooks until referee Kenny Bayless calls it a night as the towel from Schwarz’ corner comes flying in. Round 1 (12:02 a.m.):  Fury starts quick with a left hook and is moving around briskly. Fury fires the jab, puts the right hand behind it. Schwarz is following him around. Lands a right hook. Fury is landing with frequency with that jab. Not good news for Schwarz in the early going. (10-9 Fury)11:50 p.m.: All of the National Anthems are complete and Tom Schwarz enters to Bob Marley’s “One Love.” With so much love and respect being spread between Fury and Schwarz, I suppose this makes sense. But Tyson Fury gets everybody up when he enters to James Brown’s “Living In America” with a full Apollo Creed entrance. Quite the showman. 11:30 p.m.: Alex Rodriguez, Shaquille O’Neal, Terence Crawford, Shakur Stevenson, Gordon Ramsey and others are in attendance. It’s announced that 9,073 are in attendance. Jessie Hart def. Sullivan Barrera via unanimous decision (99-90, 96-93, 97-92) 11:20 p.m.: What once started out as a promising action brawl turned out to be a sloppy affair down the stretch that saw Hart pick up the victory. Barrera wasn’t really in this fight and was caught with a few clean shots from Hart. Hart says that he hurt his left hand late in the fight and it was the reason he stopped throwing. Either way, it’s a big win for Hart, but he has a long way to go before being considered an elite light heavyweight. 11:07 p.m.: The fight has slowed to a crawl in the eighth round with both Hart and Barrera seeing their punch output drop significantly. Hart does manage to score a flash knockdown, but it’s clear that the conditioning for both of these fighters is waning. Hart is walking away with this one, but it’s not quite over. 10:52 p.m .: An entertaining fourth round found Hart have early success rocking Barrera with a chopping right hand and several stinging uppercuts. But the old dog came roaring back at the end of the round and clipped Hart with a counter right hand that turned his opponent’s legs into spaghetti. Fortunately, the round ended. Could have been bad for Hart. 10:44 p.m.:  We’ve got a fun fight shaping up between Hart and Barrera after two rounds. Hart decided to look for the knockout and the result was both fighters launching heavy leather at each other. Hart buzzed Barrera a few times but the Cuban has offered some return fire that got Hart’s attention. It’s a little sloppy, but could result in a stoppage at this rate. 10:35 p.m. : The co-main event is up next as Jesse Hart (25-2, 21 KOs) makes his light heavyweight debut against the grizzled veteran Sullivan Barrera (22-2, 14 KOs). It’s an intriguing fight with two guys going in different directions. Can Barrera’s experience give him the edge against Hart’s raw talent? Mikaela Mayer def. Lizbeth Crespo via unanimous decision (99-91, 100-90 & 98-92)10:15 p.m.: Although Mayer won the fight, there’s no way she had a clean sweep. Sporting News had it competitive early with Mayer taking over in the second half of the fight. Nevertheless, Mayer improves to 11-0 while Crespo falls to 13-5. Solid, but not a terribly spectacular performance by Mayer. 10:08 p.m.: Two-minute rounds continue to be a major issue for women’s boxing. Mayer has stepped on the gas in the later rounds, buzzing Crespo at the end of the eighth. However, there wasn’t enough time for her to capitalize on the opportunity as Crespo simply held on for the final 20 seconds of the round.   9:51 p.m .: Crespo is giving Mayer all she can handle through three rounds. If Mayer doesn’t turn it up soon, we could have a pretty big upset on our hands. She’s allowing Crespo to dictate the tempo throughout. 9:34 p.m.: We are live from inside of the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas for Fury vs. Schwarz. We’ve cleared most of the undercards and are awaiting the undefeated Mikaela Mayer (10-0, 4 KOs) as she faces Lizbeth Crespo (13-4, 3 KOs). Mayer recently claimed she was the Ronda Rousey of women’s boxing and looks to help push the ladies of the sweet science further into the mainstream. Tyson Fury vs. Tom Schwartz fight cardMatchupClassBeltTyson Fury vs. Tom SchwarzHeavyweight…Sullivan Barrera vs. Jesse HartLight Heavyweight…Mikaela Mayer vs. Lizbeth CrespoFemale Jr. Lightweight…Andy Vences vs. Albert BellJr. Lightweight…Guido Vianello vs. Keenan HickmanHeavyweight…Isaac Lowe vs. Duarn VueFeatherweight…Cem Kilic vs. Martez McGregorSuper Middleweight…Sonny Conto vs. Daniel InfanteHeavyweight…Peter Kadiru vs. TBAHeavyweight…Fury vs. Schwarz latest news- Tyson Fury says that he couldn’t have come back from the Deontay Wilder knockdown three years ago . – The three top heavyweights all competed in a month’s time and “The Gypsy King” plans to end this run on a high note .last_img