Network marketing psychology in the eyes of a network rookie

I am not a long time to contact the network marketing rookie, but with the majority of Internet users, like the impact of network marketing is not short. In the melee electricity supplier era, I am the famous brands of psychological tactics in this game the subtle use of network marketing, on millet, logic thinking, China Southern Airlines how to skillfully use psychological tactics in the network marketing in


first said millet, sell private custom. Lei Jun is the entrepreneur, but also investors, Lei Jun millet entrepreneurial technology is from the Internet, and Lei I also has invested more than and 20 of the enterprises, there are more famous customers, music Amoy network, YY, play more games, music etc..

the success of millet, fully captures the mass customized personal thought, is precisely the grass root private custom. It is a private custom: as long as you spend 1999 yuan, will be able to find the iPhone feeling; as long as you spend 799 yuan, you can feel with thousands of intelligent machines still cock. While millet slogan is "born to have a fever, that is the pursuit of millet mobile phone fancier and fancier is actually grass root of this group, the majority of grass root are expected to spend the least money to buy the so-called private custom, are actually on the Lei, people make money, you are still the grass root.

talk about the logic of thinking, sell the ideological resonance. "The logic of thinking", by the well-known media people Luo Zhenyu, NTA founder, senior Internet audio communication Shen Wu sound cooperation, is the first intellectual community, valued at 100 million, just a year’s time, do so big, not quite strong! It is how to do it? I think the most important thing with the majority of users ideological resonance: free association of free men, and it is the slogan "a, interesting," and "my pleasure Sike" humor.

light from the "free association of free people", it can attract a lot of people, because young people are basically free, this sentence is really the point, it is good use in the steel blade, is very simple and we resonate, "there is a plus and interesting," slogan, can be very good to provoke people’s interest, because everyone has curiosity, if coupled with the "Sike yourself forlanguage flirting, you are not on the logic of thinking the" pirate ship "? (I have been on the


China Southern Airlines, easy to sell. In fact, strictly speaking, is China Southern Airlines WeChat marketing, as early as January 30, 2013, China Southern Airlines Chinese WeChat released the first version, was launched in the first WeChat check-in service, with the continuous development of perfect function, ticket booking, check card, flight dynamic query, query and mileage exchange, Travel Guide, city weather query really, ticket check, etc. These through other channels to enjoy the service, the user can interact with the southern WeChat public platform to achieve.

specific is: first add China Southern Airlines WeChat, and then is bound pearl members, you can easily handle the >