15 killed in Sri Lanka police raid at suspected terrorist home

first_imgFifteen people including six children are dead following a confrontation with Sri Lanka security forces in which three-cornered suicide bombers detonated their explosives and exchanged gunfire with police.Police and soldiers fought exchanged fire with occupants for more than an hour Friday evening,  during a raid on their home.Shortly after, the suicide bombers detonated their explosives.Police say a search operation on Saturday morning uncovered the bodies of three men, three women and six children inside the home.“Three other men, also believed to be suicide bombers, were found dead outside the house,” police said, adding that they had been shot.The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka said authorities are in the process of rounding up supporters and sympathizers of the terrorist cell that carried out the string of bombings last Sunday which killed at least 253 people and injured hundreds more.About 70 were estimated to be at large, “some capable of exploding themselves,” according to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.There were no casualties among the security forces, police confirmed.Related content:Family of American 5th grader killed in Sri Lanka Bombings speaks outlast_img