Why do these start-up companies have become fashionable for a time to die

Abstract: some of these failed startups are closed overnight, leaving employees who are unemployed for a while, while others are shrinking until they are unable to continue operations. Hope that the entrepreneurs learn from it, to improve the chances of success.

talked about Unicorn company, $one billion club, we will feel that these startup scenery unlimited, but one thing you need to emphasize is that most startups have failed.

successful start-up companies need opportune are indispensable, but failed, but often made the same or similar errors.

some of these failed startups went out of business overnight, leaving employees who had been unemployed for a while, while others were shrinking until they were unable to continue operations. Although the performance is different, but we sort out their development process, summed up some common reasons leading to these startup (many of which are well-known start-up companies once promising) fell and could not stand up. Hope that the entrepreneurs learn from it, to improve the chances of success.

, a leading venture capital and angel investment firm CB Insights, analyzes 101 failed startup and lists the following common failures:

the main reason is no market demand!

below, select a representative of the 13 start-up companies, through interviews with its internal executives, to analyze the reasons for the failure of the start-up company.

Rdio, streaming music company. "I think Rdio (cause of failure) is too early to start making money. This is a typical venture company often makes mistakes, that is, before the rapid expansion of the stage to worry about not profitable or business model has no value. In fact, this is also the business model itself brings us the trap – because of those content licensing policy, Rdio’s profit margin is extremely meager. No matter how hard we try, the music publishers take up the bulk of their income. To make up for you, only through the great flow of small profits, which is why Spotify (the world’s largest genuine music streaming platform) why wish people all over the world are using it."

– Rdio chief designer Wilson Miner

Sidecar, shared ride. "We can’t compete with Uber, it gets the highest amount of financing and take the means of One’s reputation was a byword. against competitors. Uber got a lot of inspiration from us, but we didn’t win the market. We have failed in most places because Uber is willing to win at any cost, and there is endless money to support it."

– Sidecar co-founder and CEO Sunil Paul

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