Website promotion eight

1 do not make the home page falsh.

true search engine recognition ability on the picture is very poor, home made of flash, not only conducive to search engine rankings, but also slow down the speed to enter the home page, to a certain extent for your customers as soon as possible to find you and set a barrier.

2 don’t make navigation links.

because the search engine is a huge database, instead of a picture library, search engine to search page is your title, and then through the navigation system of your search to your site other pages. So if your site navigation is a text link, the search engine is very easy to search for your other pages, is the overall image of the site proud of the perfect show, if the picture link can not achieve this effect.

3 do not use a large number of pictures composed of home.

any search engine like structure is obvious, and do not like to make the site a skin, so that the search engine can not tell you the key points.

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4 do not do the so-called generic url.

a web site 80% of the traffic from the search engine, the other 20% by direct input site and navigation site connection, with the general URL of less than 0.5%. General website is only in the Chinese Internet is not yet ripe stage has been brilliant.

5 don’t trust the Internet company’s commitment to your sales performance.

if you are the boss of the company or person in charge, you will hear a lot of business personnel, in order to give you a promotion, it will give you some unrealistic promises, sometimes also say to you that our customers a year after sales promotion of several million. These are the promotion of the credit, the probability of such a large, 1% or 1/1000?

6 do not do after the first page of advertising.

often browse Baidu’s people will find that encountered some popular keywords, such as cell phones, digital cameras, handheld computers, movies, etc., the top five pages is the promotion of. The first three can intercept the flow of customers and customers, the first page can intercept 60% of customers and traffic, the opportunity to click on the page of only 20% to 30%, not to mention the third page of the fourth, in a word, no effect, white throw money on the.

7 don’t expect spam to promote your site.

now people do not hate spam, because it has to people’s work has brought many negative effects, will read spam fewer than 1/1000, but will not consider your services and products. Affect corporate image.

8 do not be too pursuit of free, crazy do link.

some people in order to save money, put their hopes on free resources, more ridiculous is >