European Court of Justice: Decisions on the protection and rights of air passengers

first_imgSee the judgment of the Court with the above decisions HERE The first decision concerns related flights of passengers who, through a single reservation, have purchased tickets departing from a Member State to third countries. Namely, the airline with which the ticket is reserved is obliged to compensate the passenger for delays on connected flights of other non-European companies. Previously, only passengers were entitled to compensation for missed connections within the EU, but now this has been extended to all trips from the EU to the world.  The second court decision deprives the passenger of the possibility of reimbursement of the costs of the same trip, in case of denied boarding and cancellation or long delay of departure, cumulatively – ie simultaneously from the airline and the tour operator. On July 10, the European Court of Justice issued two decisions relating to consumer protection in air transport.  center_img The Court points out that the passenger is entitled to reimbursement of the amount of the ticket from the tour operator in accordance with the provisions of the Package Arrangement and Related Travel Arrangements, but consequently can no longer claim reimbursement from the airline. Source: UHPA / ECTAA / Photo: Pixabay.comlast_img