The most complete nternet brand marketing operation scheme

mobile Internet era, any company has the opportunity to create a well-known brand. Your daily experience and Reflections on the combination of the president, the mobile Internet era of brand building process are summarized in this paper, and strive to write the operation, so that the needs of children’s operation can be completed according to echo what the books say, the purpose of brand building.

brand planning process framework



brand has three dimensions, awareness, reputation and loyalty, we will come to realize.

a, brand positioning

positioning includes name, brand appeal, brand value. Brand positioning seems to be very virtual, in fact, is the most virtual, all well-known brands, not in these three great effort. For most people, the brand positioning is not up to the president, so simply said, save space about elements of the brand planning and dissemination of these two key contents.


name for positioning, chestnut, Coca-Cola Alibaba, Baidu, the name of the one and only, catchy, is a good name.

How to locate the

name, unique, simple and easy to remember and follow the story, no ambiguity of these principles. Specific is no longer say, because in most cases, this work is determined by the boss head.

brand appeal and brand values, this is not much to say, every enterprise knows this, but also have aspirations and values, but all remain in the slogan, so a little role can not afford.

about the brand appeal and values, you can do these two points, the first should be reflected in the company’s daily behavior, second users to use voice to spread, also don’t like idiot talking, out of date, the most simple way is to get some color high value users, let them shout out your values, recording a video, in the spread, that can make users unconscious.

two, brand elements planning

this part is the key, which is most in need of practical parts, elements of the brand planning, brand building is completed more than half.

a brand, including three elements: visual image, brand story and exclusive elements. The following description.

1 visual image

the world is a world of faces. In the business field, the visual image of an enterprise, which determines its location in the user’s mind.

look at the following figure, which is a millet and Industrial Products Mall contrast page, which gives you the feeling of high grade.


look at this wine copy:


look at the brand’s product image: