You’ve got mail! How postal workers are staying safe during the pandemic

first_img“It feels surreal, but, it made me proud that we’re needed,” said Romero. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – While many essential workers are fighting on the front lines, local postal workers are making sure you get your mail in this crisis. At the United States Postal Service facility in Binghamton, one of the mail delivery workers is Frank Romero. He’s been working in the service for 17 years and says the pandemic is not going to stop him from delivering on his route. With the CDC informing people that the coronavirus can live on surfaces like paper and cardboard for much longer than originally thought, Gendrin says it’s best to be careful when picking up your packages from your mail carrier. He says while he can’t stop by and say “hi” to people around the area, Romero says many are showing gratitude by waving to him, leaving him cookies, and other things.center_img Romero added he is following protocol, saying USPS supplies them with wipes, hand sanitizer, cleaner spray, and more to make sure whatever they touch and hand off is clean. Meanwhile, USPS Supervisor, Shawn Gendrin, says he’s proud and thankful of how hard the employees at his facility have been working. He added they are not just delivering your bills and letters, but also, “We deliver people’s remains, medications, a lot of different things that people count on every single day.” The best thing to do is to open the package, slide the item out without touching it, discard the boxing, and immediately wash your hands.last_img