The electronic commerce to help small and The Enterprise Hotel orders bucked the trend

the impact of the international financial crisis, let the world’s "sense", the pressure of the economic life of the people and for the future of the market pessimistic attitude, making overseas market rapidly shrinking demand.

overseas market demand remains weak, the foreign trade orders plummeted, all of which make the domestic small and medium-sized manufacturers, wholesalers and foreign trade companies feel the hitherto unknown pressure. In the province of foreign trade, Guangdong, the situation alone makes a large number of small and medium-sized production plants and foreign trade companies closed bankruptcy. "Foreign trade is difficult to do" has become the industry’s frustration.

fair the huge hall, hurried past a few sporadic foreign businessmen, the scene a few years ago when the scene seemed deserted many be in full swing.

although the fair deserted, but the reporter has learned some foreign websites but can simply use the A new force suddenly rises., lit "to describe.

speaking of e-commerce, we first think of C2C Taobao, Alibaba B2B platform for enterprises is more familiar. But for foreign trade business, if you do not know Milanoo foreign trade Milan B2C network, then you are out of date. Milanoo foreign trade B2C Milan network is a new force in the domestic and foreign trade B2C e-commerce model, although the establishment of the near future, but the concept of creativity and moving results in the foreign trade industry caused no small stir.

Milanoo business model similar to Alibaba, but there are a lot of optimization, they put forward the professional integration of small wholesale concept or industry rookie.

domestic production factory, wholesaler until Milan registered, after signing the agreement, companies only need to provide products and wholesale price, subsequent website product maintenance, product sales and overseas promotion, communication, customer service services are handled by Milan network. The all-weather sales platform Milan network strong, for the vast overseas customers convenient online purchasing, and strong ability of overseas sales network in Milan also guarantees do not understand foreign languages do not understand the rules of foreign trade manufacturers can enjoy retail profits. Overseas customers and retailers online orders, orders will be transferred directly to the manufacturer and wholesaler from Milan network. Wholesalers to do the production plant is only a day to view the distribution of orders from Milan, according to a single production can be. Production of products sent to Milan in Guangzhou international logistics center, you can get RMB settlement. Do not worry about the details of international logistics and foreign trade terms, and even no exchange rate risk, Milan professional team to help you get all the. As long as you can and counting money.

this way to maximize the guarantee of enterprise product sales, unlike Alibaba no matter there is no actual effective order, enterprises must pay the membership fee before they can display products.

but some large-scale production plant will worry, such as Milan small wholesale orders for production enterprises is not enough to arrange production. Actual small orders can be fully integrated into the production order. Of course, the Milan network mainly for domestic small and medium manufacturers, for them there is no minimum student >