How to understand the secret of drug not to be divulged to you


on many cosmetics as drug store, and many consumers do not distinguish what is what ordinary makeup, cosmetics. Even some dealers also cosmeceutical ordinary cosmetics difference does not open, as long as it is a skin care products are called makeup, so that consumers can not distinguish between right and wrong.

The biggest difference with ordinary cosmetics

cosmeceuticals, their formula is always as concise as possible, does not contain pigments, spices, preservatives or surfactants, and effective ingredient content is high, strong pertinence, obvious effect.

has several important features of the drug:

All the active ingredients and safety of

1 shall be subject to medical literature and clinical laboratory tests in the Department of Dermatology, and do not contain a recognized source of sensitization.

2 formula is concise, no pigment, spices, preservatives and surfactants.

3 active ingredient content is high, the pertinence is strong, compared with the general maintenance effect remarkable.

cosmeceuticals has four major functions:

1 features: high concentration of vitamin C, fruit acid, antioxidant, sunscreen, anti-bacterial, whitening and other effects;

2 medical repair: can resist sebum, inhibit acne, sterilization, anti bacteria, etc.;

3 repair and maintenance: suitable for patients with poor tolerance to skin or skin problems, the use of mild, repair and maintenance products, such as red blood, anti allergy products;

4: nursing postoperative scar, to stretch marks, for use after surgery or skin repair, change the depth of the skin texture structure of skin care products.

according to the characteristics and functions of cosmeceuticals, drug can be divided into the following categories: makeup category

first category: for sensitive skin. Mild ingredients, reduce skin irritation, relieve allergies.

second: for acne, scar, to remove the horny layer, deep dermis to repair and maintenance.

third categories: for large pores and acne muscles, effective oil control.

fourth: according to the dark spots, wrinkles and skin type, can whitening, tight and shiny skin effect.

understand the characteristics of drug, can quickly identify what is in the drugstore Taobao shops, which is an ordinary cosmetics. In short, to understand the goods, according to the need to choose, suitable for always the best.