Shop 1, 900 thousand 500 yuan selling user information most real data

1 shop and other user information leakage, torture Internet Security issues. From the user information to a "shop No. 1" 90 well field, the "daily economic news" reporter carried out to verify the above results show that most of the user information, the user data are true information.

IT legal person Zhao Zhanling said that the matter involved in the 1 shop customer account withdrawals cash security issues.

500 yuan sale 900 thousand user information

last night, the "daily economic news" reporter contacted the selling user information to micro-blog users "kicked off the seller. The seller said that currently own hands "shop No. 1" as of July 2011 90 well field user information, including mobile phone, email address, orders, and so on, the price is 500 yuan.

the seller told reporters that his price is very cheap, if not urgently, not so cheap. He said the reporter can multi inquiry, compared to other sellers out of the price of 3000 yuan ~5000 yuan, the price has been very cheap. In order to show that the data is not wrong, the seller sent to reporters a user information, information is very comprehensive.

"shop No. 1" public relations director Liang Yan told the "daily economic news" reporter said, according to the user information was leaked, "shop No. 1" has been in the investigation, no specific reason that what. Shop 1 also made with the parties concerned, there will be staff to investigate.

Liang Yan said no. 1 shop is freezing the amount of user accounts. Once the system has found the amount of its account, the first time it will be frozen, and then prompts the user to verify identity. The user’s account information will be thawed before the user reset the password and reset the mailbox.

leakage data so that users narrowly escaped fraud

User Ms. Zou

"shop No. 1", has experienced a storm of information leakage.

Ms. Zou told the "daily economic news" reporter, she helped a friend purchasing goods in the shop No. 1 "in March 11th, it was not clear detailed address, wrote a" fill Monday ", in the case of non payment, shop No. 1" this order is not effective. In March 12th, Ms. Zou to continue the unfinished payment orders but forgot to write the detailed address, is still "fill Monday".

"because at that time did not fill in the address, the final delivery is to communicate with the courier detailed address, the goods will be delivered to a friend." Ms. Zou added.

two months later, Ms. Zou friends on May 22nd, claiming to be received "shop No. 1 customer service telephone, said Ms. Zou since before the friends in the" shop No. 1 "consumption, to send a VIP membership card. However, the "shop No. 1" recorded address is "Monday in the" hope, Ms. Zou friends full address to tell the customer service, in order to send gifts.

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