Amazon again massive downtime cited netizens ridicule

[Abstract] in addition to shopping sites, Amazon’s mobile client can not access and shopping.


Tencent Francisco Mashable according to a number of American science and technology news website reported, local time on Thursday, the e-commerce giant Amazon once again had a serious accident before and after service shut down, lasted 20 minutes, it will cause enormous economic losses.

According to

reports, at the time of the accident, the main Amazon e-commerce site can not access, other service industry has been affected, including the external service Amazon cloud computing services, as well as for shipping members to provide music and other digital content services (also reported that a part of the cloud computing service is still normal).

, however, some of the regional web site has not been affected, including the Canadian website.

in the eastern United States around 11:20 am, the media noted that Amazon had a service interruption accident. The user who visited the shopping site saw an error: "sorry, an error occurred while we were dealing with your request. We are dealing with the mistake as soon as possible."

Amazon apologize for causing inconvenience to users.


is not only a common electronic commerce website, which also has a cloud computing service for the United States, a large number of Internet Co proposed infrastructure leasing services, such as Snapchat and other companies have not set up the data center, but Amazon’s service lease. However, despite the excellent security capabilities, but still can not escape the disruption of the amazon.

August 2013, the Amazon service shut down for 40 minutes, allegedly caused economic losses of $5 million.

about 11:38 or so in the eastern time, Amazon’s service returned to normal, lasted about 20 minutes before and after. Media believes that, for an electricity supplier giant, 20 minutes of interruption has been a serious accident.

according to the Mashable website reported that, in addition to shopping sites, Amazon’s mobile client also can not be normal access and shopping.


the accident triggered a shock in the U.S. Internet users and consumers, many netizens on twitter site to express their dissatisfaction, a netizen said, "Amazon interrupt for a second, what is their economic losses?"

there is a netizen quipped, "the Amazon website downtime, they may have to release a new Fire mobile phone." (Amazon’s Fire mobile phone project has long failed and revoked) (Chen Xi)