Yahoo statistics landscape better!

Yahoo push statistics have been so long, we do these owners like to use statistics, different sites using different statistical data is certainly not the same. I take it to do the test page, the webmaster statistics page one day IP for 1.5W, 51 statistics and Yahoo statistics for 1.3W to 1.4w.

so many people will ask, so what exactly is the most accurate statistics? In general, they are accurate, but the way is different. I estimate the webmaster statistics, his statistics are not in accordance with the time 24 hours (certainly less than 24 hours) is a IP. The 51 statistics and Yahoo statistics should be in accordance with the calculation of a 24 hour IP. For this reason, there is a statistical IP is not exactly the same.

, for example, my computer is IP, I through the computer to access the web page, it also uses the assumption webmaster statistics, Yahoo statistics and 51 statistics, I visit the web page of time were 03:30 and 23:10, here we assume that the station is 12 hours long meter set is a IP, then we use Adsense statistics result is 2 IP. This is the IP in their statistics have been calculated two times. Hypothesis 51 statistics with Yahoo statistics are set up for 24 hours to calculate a IP. So while I was in the two time to visit the web page, but he counted the number of IP only one.

so look at the statistics of the accurate and inaccurate, not according to the number of IP to decide, but should be determined according to the PV, as long as the statistics of the PV almost, then their statistics are all right. Just a different way of calculating.

people believe that the future will be Yahoo of the world statistics statistics, webmaster statistics used, with a period of time to find the data they seem cumbersome, not clear, statistics is not in accordance with the 24 hour course can satisfy my vanity. 51 statistical functions is good, I love that is too slow, three days and two days to be attacked, to not be able to access the data, it will slow down your website, but the function is good, at least I used to, looks more comfortable. With their statistics and I rented space in the purple field, the speed is fast, not a few days can not visit, stability is not enough.

I am optimistic about the Yahoo statistics, mainly for three reasons.

1: added UV statistics


statistical UV this function is other statistics are not, if there is only Yahoo statistics that, what is the UV? UV unique visitor acronym, meaning is independent of visitors, is visiting your site for each client computer (within 24 hours) were calculated as a visitor.

example: 218.123.120.>