Small town portal website offline promotion practice (two)

Hello, I am 4K, well, opening finished, this time not to McCain nonsense, direct killing theme, to share with you a small town website offline promotion point in the actual operation of the new things.

In the last

Admin5 made a "small town portal website offline promotion operation", to introduce the promotion of several modes of small town portal website online, before I was only with the cooperation and cooperation with the local newspaper, several computer store advertising style, this give you a the sequel.

is not known, many small town web site for online promotion, simply go to the Baidu Post Bar and existing forum community websites to send advertising, and the website search engine rankings do the first page on the OK, and really let Web development is to promote the line Crazy.

brother Bucai, although the website to do more than half a year, but also accumulated a lot of offline promotion experience, this paper talk about recent small advertising promotion work.

small ads Zoupian Jian feng. Advertising is small, powerful. Don’t look at small ads often despised, in fact, role should not be overlooked in online promotion and advertising play, because everywhere small advertising is popular and the most extensive and close contact with the grassroots media, has a low cost, strong operability, low threshold, effect and other advantages.

PS: chased rampant, MJJ who posted the ad must be careful, it is best to paste in the convenience of the urban management department set up the information bar. I believe, for not sufficient funds and personal webmaster friends, this is the only choice. The use of small ads this promotion, I think we should pay attention to these points:

first of all, from the design of the leaflets, one is the color should be bright, as I stand the propaganda single (next photo), I used the red as it looks to the heavenly stems and earthly branches, sedate, exquisite feeling; two is the distinct theme, the whole page the most important place is "Xishui Xishui network comprehensive portal website" and "click to open the Xishui internet life" the two; three is the text introduction to concise.


second, from flyers posted way, choose the best time in the morning (safety); place mainly concentrated in the county, adjacent to the computer store Cafe door, in the large flow of people, businesses concentrated areas are in range, can also be the leaflets into shops and businesses, these businesses are your potential an important customer, earn money in the future have to rely on them.


finally, to tell you how I put it, the material is not much, a pot of paste cost 50 Fen (HA HA), A4 color each 1 hair, I paste before five hundred, the total cost of 50 yuan. I believe that such a cheap way to promote all of you