Where is the key to content marketing Copy the big coffee taught you how to write a marketing explos

there is a copy, called "someone else’s home" – the idea of compact, powerful powder. So how to make their own copy can also play a similar effect on this copy? Big coffee is to say……

copywriting A: always feel unable to start writing……

copy B: hard to write the text, get feedback is not how good, sad ah.

copy C: always feel that the key word is not appropriate……



is the core plug, dry cargo to


InvespConsulting, President of KhalidSaleh, a foreign marketing planning firm, published a blog post, combining the example of the main points of copywriting.

plum flowers deliberately collected these writing principles, for your reference ~


title article

1 to

Microsoft Corp has conducted a survey of 2000 audience, the results show that people pay attention to an article duration of only about eight seconds. In other words, if you want to keep readers, you have to attract their attention in a few seconds.

therefore, the information provided by the opening of the article in accordance with the following sequence:


2 emphasizes the value of the product

a copy writing motivation can be divided into two kinds, one is to promote the readers to take actions (such as: come and join the marketing course!), the two is to emphasize the product brings benefits (such as: join my marketing courses, you can increase the number of customers is expected to be 86%!).

the former aims to initiate action, while the latter is to emphasize the benefits of taking action.

for customers, it is important to buy a product can bring them any benefits. So, a name of " 2 minutes to make your article explode " the title is far better than " teach you how to use Twitter " more attractive.

the following figure is a foreign body of the two article title of the amount of access to the comparison:


3 will be content specific

suppose there are two titles on the content marketing article to choose from, which one would you prefer?

(1) how to get hundreds of thousands of fans

(2) how to get 2358 fans in

within 30 daysThis two

Title conveys meaning are similar — >