APP brush list survey big companies spend wuliushiwan list to be divided

in the last two years, Xu Huaizhe and Liu Xiong are operating in a seemingly mysterious business outside the world – App brush list.

through the brush list, they can make an otherwise No one shows any interest in the App application, in two or three hours, rushed to the apple App Store charts, so that customers developed by the company App have more chance to get the apple iPhone (parameter picture sample evaluation), note iPad users, and investors.

for those who are tied to the number of users in the App development company, the brush list can be regarded as the most affordable and effective promotion channels. According to Liu Xiong revealed that through the brush list, the cost of an application to get a new user is equivalent to only 1/3 of the traditional promotion channels.

brush list became part of the development of the company "limelight" the secret. Customers continue to brush list companies also get up to more than 30% of the profits.

looks at the company in the brush list, they walk outside the foul line developed by Apple Corp, is engaged in the commercial behavior under the sun". While some App developers who condemned the brush list, that this behavior undermines the principle of fairness, squeezing the living space of the brush can not afford the list of applications.

but these accusations did not affect the business of Xu Huaizhe and Liu Xiong, their brush business bigger and bigger. Xu Huaizhe has begun to contact the television station, set out to customize the program for the customer’s App application or embedded advertising. Liu Xiong is planning to do business abroad – he is ready to brush the United States, Japan, Germany, the list.

million App bridge

for an application, ranking in the App Store list is crucial. The application cannot squeeze the list, mostly buried in millions of applications become unknown, no zombie application downloads "".

the afternoon of January 18th, an office building in Beijing North Fifth, Xiongwen network CEO Liu Xiong sitting in the office of the front of the computer, to accept or reject a brush list of customers requirements. He should be the next single business, which means that a few hours later, a certain amount of downloads in the application of App Store ushered in a storm surge.

currently, Xiongwen network has domestic top brush list.

, according to Liu Xiong introduction, the current scale of the domestic brush list company roughly ten or so. This figure is also engaged in the list of solutions to solve the network CEO Xu Huaizhe recognition.

was originally under the command to the Navy network voting and Liu Xiong registered QQ business, the brush list found business opportunities in 2010. In 2008, Apple Corp launched the App Store. Through this window, developed by the third party App applications to iPhone, iPad users, electric shock". According to the 2013 Q1 Quarterly Bulletin released by Apple Corp, App Store in 155 countries >