A new round of network regulatory storm is about to begin to allow the majority of the owners of lov

recently, a variety of indications that a new round of network regulation is about to start, followed by a look at.

number of registered companies said the Ministry will carry out the international domain name system audit

one of which is the May 25th report of the home of the webmaster, said a number of registered companies will carry out the international domain name real name system audit. It is understood that, since the CN domain name network regulation, not only individuals can not register a new CN domain name, while the CN domain name to be uploaded to the identity of the scanned piece of real name authentication, resulting in CN domain name registration continued to decline. The Ministry will soon carry out international domain name system audits may originally to all registered within the domain name on the real name, but gradually batch name; two is to restore the CN domain name continued to decline the decline, thus the CN domain name and international domain name requires real name authentication, at least a little closer to the starting line, but this possibility very low, after all, the international domain name registration channel varied, domestic registrars cannot register can choose monkter. However, at the expense of the interests of the domestic registrar, but also widened the distance with the world famous domain name registrar.


part of the IDC business began to strengthen its own server filtering function to shield illegal keywords

this is a personal experience, a little tragedy, the site was blocked, and the key is blocked, "soft Wen release", soft Wen release is really illegal keywords?. But now it is hidden, it is.



ministry crackdown did not record the record, will stop the parsing

Online reported that the Ministry crackdown record, without registration will stop dns. This is more powerful, so that the domestic registered domain name only two paths, one is good choice record, the two is to choose the migration to the foreign domain registrar, of course, third way, that is to give up the hands of the domain name change.


let’s look back at the whole situation and sum up:

first, all domain names must be real name authentication, you need to upload ID card;

two is that all domain names are to be filed, the host site in foreign countries now have to record the domain name;

three is, all the host keyword more strict filtering, and even soft Wen released into key words;

is four, and the record is actually not real name authentication, not the real name authentication domain name may be canceled, do not record the domain name cannot be resolved;

by the way, QQ to the real name authentication,