Wheat and then start pocket parenting positioning precise electricity supplier has been angel invest



DoNews May 21st news (reporter An Hong) after the former general manager of Baidu entrepreneurial social network division of wheat, with a "pocket childcare" mobile APP products into the market again, the company also officially changed its name to Beijing in Interactive Network Technology Co. ltd..

the afternoon of May 20th, in a DTV interview, said in the mobile Internet era, can seize the real user through APP, and "pocket parenting" to do in the future, is based on the B2C platform of precision large electricity supplier data capture and analysis of user behavior.

positioning: accurate vertical electronic business platform

The vertical class electricity supplier

in China as the representative of the red child, in a short period of time has experienced rapid development, but suffered a transformation of the storm, equity disputes, this crop believes that the overall trend of the development of red child can not represent the vertical electricity supplier, the segments of the development space and the potential is great. "You can see at the present stage, the field does not exist in maternal market segments electronic business platform independent, Jingdong, Tmall business platform also will only show the channel form, this is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs."


and PC era simple traffic capture different mobile Internet through APP can catch a real user, catcher said, pocket childcare to do in the future, it is platform B2C accurate large electricity supplier data capture and analysis of user behavior based on. However, as a mobile APP has been on the line for two years, the promotion of pocket parenting seems too low-key. Wheat field said, APP development costs are high, and the cost of promotion is about ten times higher than the development needs a lot of capital investment.

funding has become a bottleneck in the development of pocket parenting. The company admitted that in 2013 experienced the financing difficulties, the team was forced to personnel big shake". Earlier this year, pocket parenting to get angel investment, the current round of financing is also underway in A. With the product positioning gradually clear, wheat is expected, the amount of user products and brand awareness in this year will be significantly improved, the pace of development will accelerate.

methodology: using data-driven thinking to drive market

and other similar Raiders website flagship BBS mode is different, the 2 era of UGC model more attention to the user’s contribution to the content and sharing. This is also a big core of pocket parenting in this year’s product adjustment.

wheat field, pocket parenting version 1 will be formally launched on June 1st, divided into Raiders and quiz channel two. Among them, the user strategy channel in the process of food and clothing and other daily parenting behavior data, and in the light of the related products on the user’s precise push. The Q & a channel is mainly dependent on the inheritance of parenting experience, the user plays an important role in community communication. < >