New media operations how to do content operation from scratch


Internet beyond textbook based on the practice of industry in many cases personal independence of conduct, try to find some problems of the standard answer, no accident will fail, of course today talk how to do early community content operation "like this little dinosaur rotating direction as reference.

analysis about it: the

personal independence of conduct

1 Internet is too new, the development of the industry for about twenty years, from the PC portal to search and then to the mobile Internet, even the industry giant BAT oldest Tencent is only the establishment of the anniversary of the 17.


2 model too much, with the Internet penetration and iterative technology on life, the earlier we daily joke talk now is the whole estimated billions of business models, such as housekeeping service O2O rinse toilet door.

3 market competition, gunpowder filled the entire market, the opportunity only to run fast players, plus it is a blind Bibi will not be mocked, so in the case of marketing support under various names and also had a strange and eccentric gameplay.

Jingdong 618, Tmall eleven, WeChat 919, LETV double payment date, blew a burst of wind made festival.

in this and not Gunfire licks the heavens. will die in their honor is removed from the Internet operation, also try to find the Internet a "standard answer" to install a X. From the beginning of these help us mouth running train vocabulary, may be able to find the Internet or some sensational common ignition operation.


The Internet vocabulary with

, it is bound to us is another feature of the Internet, such as the end of the operational definition: refers to the content operation by creating, editing, organizing and displaying the contents of the site, so as to improve the Internet content of the product value, manufacture of adhesion, active users have a certain role in promoting. Operation.

I want to talk about the content of today’s operations topics: what is the specific content of the operation, it is exactly what kind of work, the history of my community operations, how to start from scratch to become a product content operations.


is now in addition to parents of this generation, every day you will spend plenty of time in web browsing and playing app. I would like to fragment the use of time, but unknowingly living in the Internet browsing the contents of fragmentation.

, when we open a website, we see the list of goods each a superb collection of beautiful things, commodity list pictures, name, price, and even discount information, and then click when we have a variety of goods, goods copy, evaluation, all kinds of successful purchase user scoring and drying single, discussion;

1 when we open Sina door >