Very few people know the cold knowledge of WeChat operations


in June last year, the number of WeChat public number reached 8 million, and to increase the speed of crazy every day, up to now, the total has exceeded 10 million in the 15 thousand. There is no doubt that WeChat’s public platform in the WeChat ecosystem is becoming more and more important.

some attention about WeChat mainstream public operations, ah, ah, graphic positioning, fan activities and so on, said a lot of wood here, say no more, the major share of cold knowledge in the operation of WeChat, many people may not know, but who knows.

cold knowledge 1 public number business domain name set

most of the time, you will often see the following security prompt box in H5:


such tips will certainly make your activities greatly reduced, but the security prompt box is not set by the H5 itself, but the WeChat system is re typesetting, the user needs to enter the information will prompt. If you do not want to show this tip, you need to add in the background of WeChat ICP business domain name for the record.

only through the WeChat certified public number will have the business domain name settings options, and the process is: Set – public number – function settings – business domain name.


cold knowledge 2 view image is hidden in the cover image

you know, WeChat can set the background editing text when the cover image is not in the text display, so many times we love the cover of others, how to get to the



first, open the image message on your computer browser, and right-click to view the page source code".


then, CTRL+F search for "var MSG", or directly to the bottom of the page, you will see the following information.


msg_title is the value of the text message behind the title; behind the msg_desc value is abstract text message; msg_cdn_url value is behind the cover picture behind the msg_link value is URL; graphic message link address.

so, obviously, "msg_cdn_url =" behind the URL is what we want the cover map address.

cold knowledge 3 graphic preview function?

is known to the public platform mass message every day, the number of times is limited, the subscription number 1 days only mass of 1 messages, and service number 1>