A foundation for the promotion of self discipline

last year, when the legs and legs to ask me to the article, I want to write a company to push the way, but has been dragged to the May, legs and legs brother sorry ah.

I am a promotion operation background, I still talk about the promotion of operation.

– business promotion operations – project operation – operation work.

promotion operation

promotion here there is a vulgar words, even if the product is shit, you have to put your product out of Xiang and promotion.

when as a promotion, you can not cut into the product, what is the first thing you get


I put each button to play on one side, you want to know why the product manager to do this, you need to know that you can get the product to meet the promotion based on the way, you are also familiar with the product after product manager of the team. Only you are familiar with the product, you know that your product is in the eyes of that part of the people. What is your precise user, what is your potential users, you and what type of products do joint promotion, which point you want to move to the user.

when you have been able to discuss requirements with your product?


brothers, you get your head and mind product manager, product manager niubable can certainly put your thoughts to enlarge, scattered buried in the inside of the product, you want to do, you must put your ideas and the advantages and disadvantages of products that do what thing, generally what kind of effect, price is the most rational person, you only clear their pros and cons, they can give you buried, please believe in your product, although the said products and promotion is the enemy, but the enemy only in Polish under your mind to trend perfect.


business operations

what does business do? Find the right department to do the right thing.

your hand based resources, you must do everything possible to bring the brand or or and other users not to hurt the appeal to the company partners. 42 pounds may have, please don’t feather when the arrow.

cooperation between each project, you must think clearly, you do this business cooperation, in order to achieve what kind of purpose.

recent work, the old encounter novice business?

Wang XX, our own what a XXXX project, it is very hard, and you want to seek cooperation in the product

I am very happy, a look at the project, mother eggs, products are not on the line? Or I rely on, the user level difference of several dozens of times?

This type of promotion

really look for a needle in the ocean, a look, there is no interest, even on the line for you, then cooperation, I have lost the confidence of your products.