Golden Wangzhuan five, website promotion manual small talk

any website, hope that their website can bring profits for themselves, and the bigger the better. After doing a good job of the site, how to promote their own website has become a top priority, and constantly enrich their own website content, how to promote their own web site is more important. Recently my friend was in the study set up a website, also often let me to his staff, for a long time, I summed up some promotion skills, the golden Wangzhuan introduce for everybody, the hope can help to you.

first: link

general webmaster find links are released, and others find themselves, general websites such as your website, the PR value also certainly not as you imagine, how could a strong active site to find a weaker website Links, people are like the heights. You should take the initiative to find and their site relatively similar website Links, PR or ranking slightly than their in front of some.

if there is a small website for Links with yourself, will you? Is not to think about it? Don’t worry, when you find your satisfactory website, find the webmaster contact, sincere attitude is better, more gentle mood better, finally let the other could not refuse room. But nothing, even if it is rejected, it does not matter, we can look for, the same attitude is sincere, do not be impatient, feel bored, I believe there will always be a home site to accept you. But remember not to find and your site is too large, if your PR value is 2, you find the website PR value is 6, you feel that the other is willing to exchange it with you. Your best.

second: search engine

1, the general site traffic, mostly from the search engine, so the search engine optimization is particularly important. We can end in Baidu, these sites Post Bar posting, but don’t link, otherwise you as spammers is not good. Can occasionally send the article by the way in the name of your site, also can send pictures, and a concise introduction to your website and website address on the picture. Often send some high quality posts, I believe they will be interested in your site.

2, we can go to the "Baidu knows" or "Sina asked to answer the question" to the inside. As long as it is related to the content of your site, and actively answer, in the last reference column to write your site, the effect is very good!

3, we should often go to some such as Baidu, Google, Sogou website on your site name, or search keywords, a fine hard to search, and search out in your web site, see more items, browse some content. This will help you get ahead.

third: promotion on QQ

is now the age of the Internet, a lot of people have a computer, boring idle time will also use QQ chat, >