The evaluation of brand planning power of website construction

network brand planning is part of the network planning, mainly refers to the enterprise products, companies, shops, websites and so on in the network to establish a brand image and brand positioning of a series of planning. Brand planning is to appraise enterprise brand strength strategizing and mining on the connotation of brand strength. In the field of web design, brand planning is reflected in the overall planning and marketing value. A good brand planning scheme, can often achieve a multiplier effect; and a high-grade construction site cases, is to let the enterprise take the initiative in the Internet Web2.0 business in a hotly contested spot, give full play to the network magic charm.

in the production process to evaluate the company’s brand planning, we must consider the following 2 points:

first, whether the site design style and brand positioning in line with the market

good web site is like a ‘facade’, the facade is good enough, enough depends on the level of web designers to grasp the concept of customer brand and website design skills. For example, take the ‘doov mobile phone’ brand, doov mobile phone which represents the female fashion brand, in the design process must reveal women’s gentle and soft personality characteristics, high-end without loss of affinity. In the details of the design, we must give full consideration to the interaction between the brand and the user, the brand’s market positioning and good combination of the audience.

two, website marketing value is consistent with the brand’s overall marketing plan

The so-called

website marketing value, is through the Internet website promotion (including forum, blog promotion, search engine promotion, advertising promotion etc.) of network communication, in order to build brand awareness of target customers. More mature way to promote the network also includes the official website of the brand as the parent, the establishment of a series of activities to achieve the combination of online and offline promotion. For example, the only official website by holding the ‘spring date’ the theme of the campaign is very good to promote the only female mobile phone website, so as to maximize the overall marketing value of the site.

Good website design

always from the outset is expected to have a good clear brand planning and the results, in the process of website construction, because of the clear goal, make the site construction process more smooth, coherent, the network marketing effect can not be underestimated. Well, today, here is a small left here, I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival, are interested in reproduced, indicate the article from the webmaster