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Abstract: slow JNK was founded in 2013.10, is designed to help patients with chronic exchanges, recently announced that tens of millions of dollars A round of financing for venture capital investment led by Jinsha River.


shoots NewSeed May 17th news recently announced the completion of our community patients slow tens of millions of dollars A round of financing, venture capital investment led by the Jinsha River.

After the

round of financing, will focus on funding for slow CS team construction and operation support and improve technology etc..

slow JNK was founded in 2013.10, is the founder of Wang Beini. As a friendly slow chronic disease patient support to help the community, share the chronic disease prevention knowledge, treatment method of experience exchange service, can make patients, share experiences, mutual encouragement, belonging to the Qingdao LIAN in the company’s information technology co.. At present, there are about 300 thousand friends to help users slow, dabble in diseases has been extended to 108, the product experience is in the process of continuous optimization. Now, slowly also provides a platform to raise the public and our method, patients by focusing on slow to raise the service number of WeChat Youbang love can create projects to raise public and get help by sharing.

August 20, 2014, slow Youbang obtain financing control Branch Chong Qing holding investment of several hundred million yuan angel round.