Ma business guide secret he let me go on the road of entrepreneurship scholar

20 years ago, MA in the United States for the first time to understand the Internet, inspired by the return of his career began. That once took Ma Long insight who is the American


September 26th, Ma Yunfa micro-blog said, and 20 years ago he had helped his first contact with the Internet, which inspired him to return home and Bill · (Bill Aho); aho meet again. Ma Yun micro-blog is also drying out of him and Bill.

Ma Yun said in micro-blog, 20 years ago, the first time to travel to the United States for more than and 20 days, came to Seattle. After the introduction of Bill Aho, the first time I came into contact with the computer, the internet. After returning to borrow twenty thousand dollars to do the first Internet Co, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship scholar." Ma Yun said, 20 years later, in Seattle goodbye Bill and his daughter. "Thanks Bill, thanks to Seattle, thanks to all the people who helped us in 20 years."

Bill · etc can be said to be Ma Yun’s business guide. In 1995, Ma for the first time to go to the United States, he met Bill before going to · (Bill Aho), aho before teaching English in Hangzhou. While in the United States, Ma Yun met in Seattle’s nephew Stewart aho · csaszti (Stuart Trusty), America’s first Internet service provider VBN, he introduced Ma Yun to the world wide web.

"at that time, I in the office of the U. S. federal bank building, Ma Yun comes, I showed him the internet. At that time, the network is basically the use of government and business, but he looks very excited." Csaszti recalls.

Ma Yun returned home after the establishment of a China first Internet Co China yellow pages. The company provides services for online yellow pages looking for overseas customers China enterprises.

China first yellow pages is very difficult, but Ma is very optimistic, 1996 flew to Seattle to meet with VBN partner when he is confident he will earn a lot of money, he was on a business trip and Mr. Aho recalled, "I remember he looked at the queen Anne villa expensive house," Mr. Aho recalled, "he pointed out that the house said," if I have money, I will buy a house here, like this house. " At that time, he had no money in his pocket." Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter Cui Jiang