The marketing channel of intelligent building

Today, and a friend of Beijing chat, he told me that the level of income in Beijing so high in the city, with the intelligent station is a few dozen, 1, 200 price. I have no language. I landed on his website to see, her price: international domain name 58 yuan; virtual host 100M $10. I looked at his office in Beijing. I don’t know this guy, the company has been in business for years. However, the man’s offer, the man’s price strategy, I find it difficult to survive.

        I think marketing first to do a few things: pricing, product, marketing
        pricing strategy: first consider the cost. To calculate the daily expenses, taxes, etc.. So the price must not be too low. You put the product pricing to unprofitable state, ask how to develop. At least to ensure that the product has a 10% profit. The author believes that the network industry, 10% is the minimum profit. Network products are virtual products, marketing has a certain risk, so we should take into account the possible costs of risk.

        product package planning, if there is no product package planning, the entire product system will be chaotic. A company a situation, according to the company’s own product package.
        effective marketing, is now the seller’s market, there are few customers take the initiative to happen. So we have to consider some specific marketing work. Such as traditional advertising, television, newspapers, outdoor advertising and other advertising media. Network promotion, such as the selection of some search engines, a number of well-known websites do promotion.
          there is an effective way to establish a marketing team, take the initiative to contact customers.
          I think that even intelligent website if customers need to entrust us all to do, the price positioning of at least one thousand yuan of above, otherwise your business may be very dangerous, or at most one is to maintain life.