WeChat public account to do electricity supplier marketing positioning and Citation Method


first introduced the background:

I use WeChat in August 13, contact WeChat marketing in November, and then start from zero to help a friend public health food project company operation WeChat, operating more than two months, not more than about 260 fans, 23 single (mainly concentrated in the last month), the price of about 800, including has formed a complex purchase rate of about 10%. So although most people are doing business with the private circle of friends, but his own account of the public account of WeChat marketing is still very confident. This is about to be the most talked about WeChat public account positioning and add some of the experience and experience, a see.

on trust: WeChat public accounts and private number positioning

said that trust is an important basis for marketing, I believe we will not have an opinion. For WeChat, some products are suitable for the private number of emotional trust, and some products are suitable for the professional authority of public trust, need to analyze and clear positioning. WeChat public account I understand is relatively straightforward and simple, is similar to the official website of WEB, micro-blog, Taobao, Tmall enterprise certification shop and so on, simply is the enterprise level, is different from the personal feelings of trust in a professional and authoritative trust. Because doing business to follow the customer flow trend more easily, so when the customer flow at micro-blog in micro-blog, Taobao is in Tmall, now everyone is playing WeChat, and there are so many differences between great advantages of other Internet products of WeChat, it should be entered, and take seriously the operation. From the business point of view, our enterprises into WeChat, not because it is cool, but because the customer is in the above, we naturally have to open the door to the top of the enterprise.

on marketing: WeChat ban Wan powder private event

I personally think that the reason why WeChat public and private numbers, is the official wants to tell us something about marketing, customer service, please put the public number, here allows you to direct marketing and management. While private number is the circle of friends, is based on the understanding and feelings of trust, so all over do the marketing is a risk, grasp of the needs of their own hands when.

said that the public number plus powder, there must be a way is the number of private powder, when it comes to private numbers will have to say that just recently blocked WeChat powder number of events. Ban itself hurt a lot of people, but I think WeChat is for marketers indirectly convey some signals and attitudes:

is the first private WeChat is a circle of friends, not a stranger marketing circles. Since it is a friend, the average person can have 1000 on the good, the number of thousands of questions. WeChat does not want to become private WeChat marketing battlefield, or hate the kind of brutal means of marketing, such as a large number of uncontrolled lead powder, then crazy scraper, such people are friends and repugnant.

secondly WeChat private number is based on feelings and trust, even if you are marketing >