The latest Baidu promotion method

latest Baidu promotion method

only talk about Baidu – talk about other topics later on

recently made a few garbage station, from the experience of a little Baidu included experience, today I give you talk about!

always see a lot of people do stand, today I stand included how many pages, how long my station was updated…… So, in the end is how to update Baidu, included it? How to make Baidu often update your site, including your latest content?

I have not formed a systematic theory, first talk about specific practices for your reference, welcome to discuss!

first, make a stand, at least to have a certain website content, then your site submitted to the Baidu, I recently observed, baidu included faster than the speed of the railway station than before, generally 1 days, 3 days can be included, so if you have to check the conditions, long Baidu your station is included.


included, we often start update my door – to ensure that the second step: at that time, I was second days found was collected, probably included more than and 30 articles, they immediately update the website content, and update the more than and 10 articles, second days out, ha ha, more than and 10 storiettes in update the 8


from the day of the collection, I basically every day to update, included articles more than a day, baidu update my site is a day to update

The third step:

flow trip, in fact, every update you, if your keywords do not, in vain, to you, no benefits, or no power, but if every day to update your station, then do some keyword is not what difficult (what is popular keywords how to find the key words?? we will discuss later).

example: I recently made a garbage station, is to use the key word, from the submission of success, to be Baidu pull hair, a total of 2 days, the traffic statistics with, a total of up to more than 1 thousand and 800 IP!

the key to success: update a, especially your station is a new submission, after being collected, often keep update, start the keyword is very easy!

tip: don’t do too much failure keywords, do too, will soon be K!! it is the simple keyword slowly, don’t be too fast, the density is too large, for example, I just said the example of the failure, this is all the stations are concentrated to a keyword (keywords open discussion will stick to discuss


more advice: