Ge Youtan, lazy… These funeral culture expression package for marketing what is the use

What is

‘s funeral culture?

want to understand the funeral culture, but also from the young people talking about the battle of the fight figure.

adhering to the traditional idea of "yiyanbuge fight map", more and more elegant style of expression package appears in the "bucket map wars", and these expression package overall style, is "lost" a culture of black humor, pessimistic.

Mei flower here a simple list of several "funeral culture" in the "best" expression package:

Ge You paralysis

this summer, the most expression of the fire package, no one! Ge uncle may never have thought that one day he will appear in the expression bag, paralysis so acting……

This set of expressions

packet interception of TV series "I love my home", Ge uncle starred in the drama of a lazy, they live in a house is not willing to walk the ducks:

paralysis too beautiful, have to do facial expression pack right!

so enthusiastic netizens do a variety of versions of Ge You paralysis:


had to say, well,



.Lazy egg

adorable from Japan, as the 1 minute animated skits of the protagonist, first appeared in Japan TBS TV morning news program, many people in the adorable little stamp.

put a lazy egg animation to the next you feel:

a good egg, the biggest hobby is sleeping, and put to face……


in the "go out for 5 minutes, sweating all day long" summer, how many people think the same lazy egg lying there, doing nothing?

Pepetan (Pepe the frog)

look at the sprout, we’ll look at the expression of heavy mouth – yes, it is the sad frog……


it’s sad all the way from Europe and America to china…… The people all over the world with the same sentiment……


in order to avoid the sadness of the frog, we don’t speak frogs, fish!


sad may also be salted fish than sadness because frogs…… It’s every expression!!!! cry!



Why does

cry? It’s probably because you can’t keep it up……