How to optimize web site with keywords

  search engines use the relevance of keywords to determine the order of the page. For example, if someone searches for "   butterbeans  "as a title for "   The  Butterbean  Bazaar ", there are more than ten words "   butterbeans  ", may be ranked in the top search results; and that only appeared one or two times "   butterbeans " website, arranged in place later; " website;   beans  "words, the back row in more places only; "   beanless " words such sites, you do not appear in search results. Each search engine has its own formula for ranking search results, and they are kept as confidential. But the basic rule is that the number of web pages appear a number of key words, then, the web page and the relevance of the keyword is high, the page in the search results in the more forward position. In addition, the title of the page, the title of the title of the key words, a higher degree of correlation.     />