The four thing that God becomes white copy

just fix these four things, the same copy of God, it can also put the copy of white hat Chongshuai on the floor.

1. What do you think of the copy?

What is


this is the most basic and most important question.

read a lot of books, access to a lot of information, but the definition of the text is different. Each copy of the understanding is not the same, and even some people can not say what is the copy. This problem has been bothering me for a long time.

finally, I found myself an answer. Copywriting is a kind of writing technique for selling products or services. Simplification is the selling skill. There are a lot of copywriting techniques, some copy is very direct, and some copy curve saving. Soft or hard or Shuabing creative posters too, but let consumers out of pocket.

but the problem is, the consumer has a pair of owl like sharp eyes, twenty-four hours in his pocket. Consumers take the initiative to pay, and pull the tiger teeth have the same difficulty coefficient. The copy is to do this work, let the copy becomes a razor, knocking out the tiger’s teeth, cut the consumer’s money bag.

two, how to judge a good copy?

Internet era, the big bang. Consumer buying behavior will become more and more astute, because of asymmetric information or a shortage of products into a small probability event. Copywriting not only to the product packaging is more beautiful, but also to consumers and even consumers of family and friends. Good copy, need to have more conditions.

to determine a copy of the good or bad, can be roughly from these three aspects.

1, the spread of

good copy to reduce the cost of communication.

, for example, I want to sell a pair of men’s shoes now anti odor. We have to write a copy of it to help shoes out, covering one million of the budget is $one million. Suppose that two copies have been written, as follows.

: this disease is the first odor you asked for it.

second: a woman is love smelly man, and the man is not bad.

the final result is that the first copy of the spread of only five hundred thousand people, and there are second people in the two million. If the results and data is so, then I have reason to believe that the second article to the first copy is a good copy. Because there’s a lot of money to spend. The vitality of the copy, lies in its spread.

this is to use the results to push judgment. So when writing a copy, to take into account the spread of this copy of how much. There is no spread of the copy, the more you write the more money wasted.

2, interactive

good copy to let consumers and product dialogue.

propagation is >