There is no network marketing routines are bound to the ability

any industry that a certain level can be very short of clear, can use the most simple words to elaborate clear the essence of things is certainly master, there is no doubt that the network marketing is the same, from the input to IP and PV, and to return to deal consulting referrals, reputation and benefit, the whole process is available leveraging the power of not easy to define! Individuals that do network marketing and Taichi, finally forgot to remember all the moves can use the most economical way to do the best effect, this is the essence of the whole network marketing. So how to do a good job in the real network marketing do not bother a lot of routines, we can use a few simple basic skills to create a network marketing expert:

1, empathy habits

no matter what marketing is dealing with customers, always remember to change the angle to consider the problem in order to get the biggest harvest. What does the customer like? The advantage, not the same, the fresh feeling, the convenience, the characteristic, the honor and so on; is afraid of anything?…… To meet the needs of customers, to solve the user’s point of pain, this is your wealth, the more people help you will gain more. And these need to stand in the user and the spectator’s point of view, to analyze in order to see more clearly, the entire network marketing to the details of each step to do better, let the whole industry position more clearly, let your every investment can magnify the biggest effect.

2, seeking truth from facts

most people will enter the self righteous circle, such as the user’s pain points before, customer psychology, which have the most basic template, and the details of the total love to stand on their own point of view. But is it true? Everyone’s thoughts, views are the same? Not sure answer? These all need to look at the data, the needs of others. Such as: index, know, Q & A, forum and other target households gathered to analyze, summarize, the results. There is a saying that innovation is based on the user, competitors and industry analysis of the results of the continuous, with the illusion that it is impossible to produce results, but also to illustrate the truth.

in the whole network marketing investment to IP and PV, and to return to deal consulting referrals, reputation, benefit, to do every step of the test, to speak with the data, not the correct operation strategy of the final will be little effect. Network marketing industry, said: do not know how to make money, blindly throwing money, do not understand the network marketing, blindly follow the trend as the four means of losing money. I think everyone is done in the opinionated perspective, not the attitude of seeking truth from facts cause? How to do that, IP? How to attract others? How to promote the deal? How to promote referrals? How to make the customer word-of-mouth? Do not know to go to school, go to answer, to solve the OK., making only a thankless, a "serious" and "empty cup mentality" is enough to avoid the whole network marketing problems.

final review of what you have said before, please do not think that they understand, will, the entire marketing process data