Application of micro membership card prepaid gift marketing function well

after the last pig CMS launched a new membership card function, R & D and redouble their efforts to continue to improve the optimization of membership function. The Zhou Huali V8.0 upgrade membership cards, stored value added gift function


pig CMS launched membership card V8.0, which not only realizes the online membership card application, attendance, consumption, redeem and other functions, but also to businesses for membership management, privilege management, staff management and Realization of a gift.

new stored value gift function is a function for businesses to improve the development of viscous fan. Consumers in the application to the business membership card, a certain amount of its recharge, will enjoy the benefits given by merchants.

for businesses, this newly developed function will help stimulate the consumption of members, and the formation of consumer habits, and then converted to loyal consumer members.

through this function, not only for businesses to accumulate a wealth of customer resources, but also can improve sales performance. Businesses will get more repeat customers, consumers will be satisfied with the concessions.

at the same time, the pig CMS membership card V8.0 comes with slide advertising is also a major tool for business promotion and promotion.

piglets CMS membership card V8.0 of the wonderful and comprehensive features help businesses micro marketing did not slack. Businesses can easily manage membership card in the background, dealing with membership data, the operation process is very simple.

pig CMS membership card will get the magic all-powerful V8.0 value. With the lowest cost for businesses to broaden the most extensive marketing market. Quickly upgrade to the background experience it!